Well… I’ll start with a welcome I suppose, and a little about myself.

My names Tom, at the time of writing this I am 30, approaching 31 this year and I have dedicated the majority of my life to technology, particularly IT & Computing.

I live in the UK, have done all my life, left school at 16, done a worthless BTEC in IT at college, then went straight to work in IT, starting at the very bottom on a call centre help desk.

Currently the CTO ‘Chief Technology Officer’ for an awesomely capable SMB within the Smart Building technology industry. My journey up to this point has seen me climb through the ranks of the IT desktop support game, move over to infrastructure support with a particular specialist interest in Virtualisation and Networking, become a solutions architect / technical architect / design authority and finally to CTO where I am now.

I have had a FANTASTIC career journey, but thats not what getCTOwned is about.

I am a self confessed TECH ADDICT / NERD / GEEK, whatever you want to call me I don’t care. I involve myself in so many different tech related things it’s not even funny. Technology isn’t just a job to me, its more than that. Also a licensed radio amateur now as well, M7CTO.

I started the getCTOwned idea primarily to give Youtube content creation a go, with a focus on pro IT tips & career advice to help others… But quickly found that limiting and boring.

With that said, I just need a general place where I can write, document and video anything I get up to or that I feel is worth sharing. This is what getCTOwned is going to be.

All things tech.

By me.

Hope you enjoy the content to come.